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Sorasak Law Office and International Consultants Co.,Ltd.
and International Consultants Co.,Ltd.

We have been providing legal services since 2003. We have experience and have been trusted in providing legal services in Thailand. The service is available in two languages, both Thai and English
We provide our clients a wide range of legal services and complete solutions (One Stop Legal Service).

We can help your business in terms of registration, such as company registration and business license.

We provide litigation services for both civil and criminal cases such as intellectual property cases,real estate cases, family cases,inheritance cases, labor cases, life insurance cases, and arbitration cases.

Visa and Work Permit services in
Thailand for foreign customers who
come to do business in Thailand

We provide contract drafting services, such as hire of work agreements, employment agreements, sale agreements, prenuptial agreements, will and divorce agreements.

We also provide legal advice on Equitable Education Fund (EEF) agreement management, government scholarship agreement, loan agreement, and debt collection

We are ready and committed to providing legal services in Thailand to all clients in aprofessional manner.